Green Valley Swimming Pool & Sports Club, Inc
      Our moonlight swims are something you need to experience. Once you
      have attended one you will understand just how great they are.

      They begin early June and are held every Tuesday and Friday
      through late August.  The DJ begins playing music at 7:00 and continues
      until 10:00 pm.  A variety of music is played, ranging from oldies to
      classic rock to country and dance music.  No inappropriate music is
      played.  The atmosphere is condusive to families of all ages.

      This is truly a family time, with parents visiting with their friends while
      kids do the same with theirs.  The snack bar is open, the lights are on,
      and fun, summertime memories are being made by all!  There's no better
      place to spend a hot, steamy summer night than by the pool with friends!

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