Green Valley Swimming Pool & Sports Club, Inc
Hitters DO NOT need to be a pool member or pay the guest fee to use the batting cages.      

The batting cages are a great place to improve your hitting.  We offer both baseball and softball.  The speed for baseball can be varied from 40 - 70 mph.  The speed for softball varies between slow pitch and 60 mph.

Batting Cage Passes.  Hit unlimited for 2 months, 60 consecutive days, starting 4/1 for one flat fee.  Pool Member price is $50 for the 1st person in a family and $25 for each additional.  Non Member price is $65 and $35 for each additional.

The batting cages make a great place for a team practice or a group of hitters.  They can be rented by the hour ($35) or by the half hour ($20) and can be used in conjunction with the ball field to round out a great practice. You will get 600 pitches during an hour rental.  Tokens may be purchased at the rate of 4 tokens/$5.00.  The batter gets 15 balls per token.

Batting Cages are available to non members of the club.

Batting Cage hours are the same as pool hours during the summer and are by appointment in the spring and fall.  After March 1 someone is usually on site. Call 764-2037 to confirm availability.

Looking for great gift ideas?  Batting cage gift cards are available.  
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